Martha Graham

Martha Graham Dance Company


Martha Graham is one of the most influential figures in American modern
 dance; widely known throughout all ages and decades for her infamous work, Miss. Grahams techniques and styles are still practiced today. Through the 1920’s and 30’s Ms. Graham became wiser and more experienced in the field of modern dance. Though her styles were considered controversial Graham became one of the utmost finest choreographers and dancers in the world. 

Martha Graham has accomplished various things. She changed the art
 form of dance and made history. Martha Graham the mother of modern will be a legend for her intense emotional performances, unique choreography, and for her wonderful technique. Her fierce contractions, and harsh floor work have been passed down to dancers such as : Merce Cunningham, Paul Taylor, Mark Morris, Twyla Tharp,
Madonna, and Betty Ford.

Martha Grahams legacy of developing dances and making them as one
with a person will live on through many ages. A true pioneer of Modern dance is Miss. Graham.  Miss. Graham leaves behind her leagacy to her wonderful , nationally recognized dance troup, The Martha Graham Dance Company.